Tony Pence

Tony Pence

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1. Another Good Woman (Tony Pence)
2. Jack and Thelma (Tony Pence)
3. I Won’t Forget (Tony Pence and Stan Dixon)
4. Someone I Used to Be (Clint Land, Tony Pence and Melanie Haley)
5. Somewhere Between Wrong and Daylight (Tony Pence)
6. 9 Line Blind (Stan Dixon)
7. A Price Upon Your Soul (Tony Pence)

>> This CD includes 3 Bonus tracks for a total of 10 songs <<

Listen to some samples from Tony Pence and Big Ugly ~ Someone I Used To Be:

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Tony Pence ~ Lead vocals and guitar
Stan Dixon ~ Harp, dobro and harmony vocals
Tim Gilliam ~ Fiddle, mandolin, guitar and harmony vocals
Nick Johnson ~ Drums
Ron Adams ~ Guitar
Larry Lambert ~ Bass guitar
Sam McKinney ~ Guitar on “9 Line Blind”
Barton Stevens ~ Keyboards, harmony vocals and overall support